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World Archaeology / Routledge. - London : Routledge ; Taylor & Francis, 1989- - v. : il. ; 25 cm. - trimestral - Vol. 21, no.1 (1989)-

The Prunay Workshop: Technical Examination of La Tene Bichrome Painted Pottery from Champagne / V. Rigby, A.P. Middleton and I.C. Freestone -- Were Pots First Made for Foods? Doubts from Franchthi / Karen D. Vitelli -- A Technological Study of North-Mesopotamian Stone Ware / Gerwulf Schneider -- Palaeomagnetism and High-Resolution Dating of Ceramic Kilns in Thailand: A Progress Report / Mike Barbetti and Don Hein -- Ceramic Technology in Upper Egypt: A Study of Pottery Firing / Paul T. Nicholson and Helen L. Patterson -- Glazed Steatite: An Investigation of the Methods of Glazing Used in Ancient Egypt / M. S. Tite and M. Bimson -- The Technology of Ceramic Reuse: Formation Processes and Archaeological Evidence / Alan P. Sullivan, III -- The Technology of Fifteenth Century Turkish Tiles: An Interim Statement on the Origins of the Iznik Industry / J. Henderson and J. Raby -- Integrating Functional Analyses of Vessels and Sherds through Models of Ceramic Assemblage Formation / Barbara J. Mills -- Tich Matek: The Technology of Luo Pottery Production and the Definition of Ceramic Style / Michael Dietler and Ingrid Herbich -- Optical Petrology in the Field / P. N. Hunt and D. R. Griffiths. v.21, no.1 (1989) : Ceramic Technology : Water Supply and Sewage Disposal at Mohenjo-Daro / M. Jansen -- A Note on Some Scavengers of Ancient Egypt / D. M. Dixon -- Prehistoric Health Status of the Roonka Population / Graeme L. Pretty and Morrie E. Kricun -- Infant and Childhood Morbidity and Mortality Risks in Archaeological Populations / Alan H. Goodman and George J. Armelagos -- The Archaeology of Public Health at York, England / P. V. Addyman -- The Palaeopathology of Leprosy in Britain: A Review / Keith Manchester and Charlotte Roberts -- The Cemetery of the Hospital of St James and St Mary Magdalene, Chichester - A Case Study / Frances Lee and John Magilton -- Public Health and Private Sentiment: The Development of Cemetery Architecture and Funerary Monuments from the Eighteenth Century Onwards/ Harold Mytum -- Living on the Boott: Health and Well being in a Boardinghouse Population / S. A. Mrozowski, E. L. Bell, M. C. Beaudry, D. B. Landon and G. K. Kelso. v.21, no.2 (1989) : The Archaeology of Public Health : Architectural Innovation and Experimentation at Ganj Dareh, Iran / Philip E. L. Smith -- The Origins of House and Home? / Trevor Watkins -- Architecture of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Settlement in Nemrik, Iraq / Stefan K. Kozlowski and Andrzej Kempisty -- Some Aspects of Building at the 'Aceramic-Neolithic' Settlement of Cayonu Tepesi / Wulf Schirmer -- Innovations in Mud-Brick: Decorative and Structural Techniques in Ancient Mesopotamia / David Oates -- Structural Experimentation: The Lintel Arch, Corbel and Tie in Western Roman Architecture / Janet DeLaine -- Bronze Age Building Techniques at Flag Fen, Peterborough, England / Maisie Taylor and Francis Pryor -- Broch Building in Northern Scotland: The Context of Innovation / Ian Armit -- The Rows of Chester: Some Thoughts on the Results of Recent Research / Jane Grenville -- Early Maya Architectural Innovation at Cuello, Belize / Norman Hammond and Juliette Cartwright Gerhardt. v.21, no.3 (1990) : Architectural Innovation : Aspects of Soils and Early Agriculture / Kenneth Thomas -- Paddy Soils Now and Then / Gina L. Barnes -- The Prehistoric Agricultural Landscape of the Central Maya Lowlands: An Examination of Local Variability in a Regional Context / Scott L. Fedick and Anabel Ford -- Environment, Soils and Early Agriculture in Apennine Central Italy / C. Hunt, C. Malone, J. Sevink and S. Stoddart -- Edaphic Opportunism? A Discussion of Soil Factors in Relation to the Beginnings of Plant Husbandry in South-West Asia / Susan Limbrey -- Soil Micromorphological Evidence of Early Agriculture in North-West Europe / R. I. Macphail, M. A. Courty and A. Gebhardt -- Prehistoric Agricultural Terraces and Soils in the Mimbres Area, New Mexico / J. A. Sandor, P. L. Gersper and J. W. Hawley -- Soil Development and Early Land Use in the Jazira Region, Upper Mesopotamia / T. J. Wilkinson -- An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective on Soils / Richard H. Wilshusen and Glenn D. Stone. v.22, no.1 (1990) : Soils and Early Agriculture : Monumental Architecture: A Thermodynamic Explanation of Symbolic Behaviour / Bruce G. Trigger -- Large-Scale Integrative Facilities in Tribal Societies: Cross-Cultural and Southwestern US Examples / Michael A. Adler and Richard H. Wilshusen -- The Genesis of Megaliths: Monumentality, Ethnicity and Social Complexity in Neolithic North-West Europe / Andrew Sherratt -- Monuments from the Inside: The Case of the Irish Megalithic Tombs / Julian Thomas -- The Monumentality of Death: The Character of Early Bronze Age Mortuary Mounds in Southern Britain / John C. Barrett -- Monuments in an Island Society: The Maltese Context / A. Bonanno, T. Gouder, C. Malone and S. Stoddart -- Monumental Architecture and Power in Polynesian Chiefdoms: A Comparison of Tonga and Hawaii / P. V. Kirch -- Mapuche Ceremonial Landscape, Social Recruitment and Resource Rights / Tom D. Dillehay. v.22, no.2 (1990) : Monuments and the Monumental : Cultural Impacts of Severe Droughts in the Prehistoric Andes: Application of a 1,500-Year Ice Core Precipitation Record / Izumi Shimada, Crystal Barker Schaaf, Lonnie G. Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson -- Aridity, Activity, and Volcanic Ash Agriculture: A Study of Short-Term Prehistoric Cultural-Ecological Dynamics/ Alan P. Sullivan and Christian E. Downum -- Temperatures in Predynastic Egypt Inferred from the Remains of the Nile Perch / Douglas J. Brewer -- Llamas, Herders and the Exploitation of Raw Materials in the Atacama Desert / Penny Dransart -- Evidence of Prehistoric Diet from Northern Chile: Coprolites, Gut Contents and Flotation Samples from the Tulan Quebrada / Timothy G. Holden -- Change in the Australian Desert Culture: A Reanalysis of Tulas from Puntutjarpa Rockshelter / Peter Hiscock and Peter Veth -- Arid Landscapes and Environmental Transformations in Ancient Southwestern Ecuador / Peter W. Stahl. v.22, no.3 (1991) : Archaeology and Arid Environments : Some Political Aspects of Craft Specialization / Peter Peregrine -- Pottery Production in Chiefdoms: The Longshan Period in Northern China / Anne P. Underhill -- Beadmaking at Arikamedu and beyond / Peter Francis, Jr. -- Contemporary Stone Beadmaking in Khambhat, India: Patterns of Craft Specialization and Organization of Production as Reflected in the Archaeological Record / Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Massimo Vidale and Kuldeep Kumar Bhan -- Ceramic Production and Community Specialization: A Kalinga Ethnoarchaeological Study / Miriam T. Stark -- Lithic Craft Specialization and Product Distribution at the Maya Site of Colha, Belize / Harry J. Shafer and Thomas R. Hester -- Aztec Craft Production and Specialization: Archaeological Evidence from the City-State of Otumba, Mexico / Thomas H. Charlton, Deborah L. Nichols and Cynthia Otis Charlton -- Anglo-Saxon Non-Ferrous Metalworking: A Survey / Justine Bayley. v.23, no.1 (1991) : Craft Production and Specialization : A Chronological Framework for Human Origins / A. T. Chamberlain -- Palaeolithic Chronology and Possible Coexistence of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens in China / Chen Tiemei and Zhang Yinyun -- Revolution or Resolution? The Archaeology of Modern Human Origins / T. E. G. Reynolds -- The Chronology of the New World: Two Faces of One Reality / N. Guidon and B. Arnaud -- Problems in Constructing a Prehistoric Regional Sequence: Holocene Southeast Australia / C. F. M. Bird and David Frankel -- Radiocarbon Dating and the Prehistoric Archaeology of China / An Zhimin -- The Chronology of Ancient Egypt / K. A. Kitchen -- Ritual, Time and History / Richard Bradley -- A Local Ship Picture Tradition of the Bronze and Early Iron Ages in South-East Norway: New Evidence from Rock Carvings at Dalbo / Einar Ostmo -- Marking in Marker Dates: Towards an Archaeology with Historical Precision / M. G. L. Baillie. v.23, no.2 (1991) : Chronologies : The Land of Assur and the Yoke of Assur / J. N. Postgate -- Regional Analysis of the Zapotec Empire, Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico / Michael J. O'Brien and Dennis E. Lewarch -- Imperialism, Empire and the Integration of the Roman Economy / Greg Woolf -- Territorial Expansion and the Roman Empire / Michael Fulford -- Culture Contact and Culture Change: The Korean Peninsula and Its Relations with the Han Dynasty Commandery of Lelang / Hyung II Pai -- Integration and Social Reproduction in the Carolingian Empire / John Moreland and Robert Van de Noort -- Economic Diversity and Integration in a Pre-Colonial Indian Empire / Kathleen D. Morrison and Carla M. Sinopoli -- Archaeology and the Aztec Empire / Michael E. Smith and Frances F. Berdan -- Ritual Geography, Settlement Patterns and the Characterization of the Provinces of the Inka Heartland / I. S. Farrington. v.23, no.3 (1992) : Archaeology of Empires : The Central African Rain Forest: Historical Speculation and Archaeological Facts / Manfred K. H. Eggert -- Late Holocene Climatic Change in Southeast Asia: The Palynological Evidence and Its Implications for Archaeology / B. K. Maloney -- Human Biology, Environment and Ritual at Khok Phanom Di / Charles Higham, Rachanie Bannanurag, Graeme Mason and Nancy Tayles -- Production Systems and the Colonization of the Western Pacific / Chris Gosden -- The Archaeobotany of Subsistence in the Pacific / Jon G. Hather -- Agricultural Limitations of the Amazon in Theory and Practice / Thomas P. Myers -- The Technical Transformation of an Agricultural System in the Colombian Amazon / Luisa Fernanda Herrera, Ines Cavelier, Camilo Rodriguez and Santiago Mora -- Prehistoric Human Adaptations to the Seasonally Dry Forests of Panama / Richard Cooke and Anthony J. Ranere -- Prehispanic Chiefdoms of the Western Venezuelan Llanos / Charles S. Spencer and Elsa M. Redmond -- Calakmul, Campeche: A Centralized Urban Administrative Center in the Northern Peten / William J. Folan. v.24, no.1 (1992) : The Humid Tropics : Woodland Demographic and Social Dynamics in the American Midwest: Analysis of a Burial Mound Survey / Douglas K. Charles -- Significant Sites and Non-Site Archaeology: A Case-Study from South-East Australia / James W. Rhoads -- Archaeological Survey in Northern Highland Ecuador: Inca Imperialism and the Pais Caranqui / Tamara L. Bray -- A Survey of Late Stone Age and Iron Age Sites at Luano, Zambia / Michael S. Bisson -- Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography and Wetland Archaeology: An Interim Report on an Application of Remote Sensing to Wetland Archaeology: The Pilot Study in Cumbria, England / Chris Cox -- An Experiment in Archaeological Site Location: Modeling in the Netherlands using GIS Techniques / Roel Brandt, Bert J. Groenewoudt and Kenneth L. Kvamme -- Upgrading Site-Catchment Analyses with the Use of GIS: Investigating the Settlement Patterns of Horticulturalists / Eleazer D. Hunt. v.24, no.2 (1992) : Analytical Field Survey : Ulysses without Sails: Trade, Distance, Knowledge and Power in the Early Cyclades / Cyprian Broodbank -- Thalassocracies in Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean Trade: Making and Breaking a Myth / A. Bernard Knapp -- Direct Evidence for Organic Cargoes in the Late Bronze Age / Cheryl Haldane -- The Growth of the Mediterranean Economy in the Early First Millennium BC / Susan and Andrew Sherratt -- Patterns of Trade in Third-Millennium BC Mesopotamia and Iran / T. F. Potts -- Trade and Power in the Fifth and Fourth Millennia BC: New Evidence from Northern Mesopotamia / Joan Oates -- Rethinking Some Aspects of Trade in the Arabian Gulf / D. T. Potts -- Trade or Diplomacy? Assyria and Dilmun in the Eighteenth Century BC /Jesper Eidem and Flemming Hojlund -- Local versus Non-Local Obsidian Exchange at Tula and Its Implications for Post-Formative Mesoamerica / Dan M. Healan -- Ethnoarchaeology, Museum Collections and Prehistoric Exchange: Obsidian-Tipped Artifacts from the Admiralty Islands / Robin Torrence v.24, no.3 (1993) : Ancient Trade: New Perspectives : Nº 1) BIOMOLECULAR ARCHAEOLOGY : Molecular Biology and Archaeology: A Prospectus for Inter-Disciplinary Research / K. D. Thomas -- Archaeology and Genetics: Analysing DNA from Skeletal Remains / Martin Richards, Kate Smalley, Bryan Sykes and Robert Hedges -- Blood Residues on Stone Tools: Indoor and Outdoor Experiments / C. Cattaneo, K. Gelsthorpe, P. Phillips and R. J. Sokol -- The Artifact as Site: An Example of the Biomolecular Analysis of Organic Residues on Prehistoric Tools / Thomas H. Loy -- Biomolecular Archaeology of Wheat: Past, Present and Future / Terence A. Brown, Robin G. Allaby, Keri A. Brown and Martin K. Jones -- Biomolecular Archaeology and Lipids / R. P. Evershed -- Identifying Problematic Remains of Ancient Plant Foods: A Comparison of the Role of Chemical, Histological and Morphological Criteria / Gordon Hillman, Sue Wales, Frances McLaren, John Evans and Ann Butler -- World Archaeology and Global Change: Did Our Ancestors Ignite the Ice Age? / Peter Westbroek, Matthew J. Collins, J. H. Fred Jansen and Lee M. Talbot.
Nº2) The Role of Memory in the Transmission of Culture / Michael Rowlands -- The Temporality of the Landscape / Tim Ingold -- Archaeology and the Threat of the past: Sir Henry Rider Haggard and the Acquisition of Time / Tim Murray -- Art, Time and Thought: A Formal Study Comparing Palaeolithic and Postglacial Art / Felipe Criado Boado and Rafael Penedo Romero -- Chronotypic Tension in Bulgarian Prehistory: 6500-3500 BC / Douglass W. Bailey -- Time in the Reproduction of Mortuary Practices / Koji Mizoguchi -- Chronologies of Remembrance: The Interpretation of Some Roman Inscriptions / John C. Barrett -- Living on Luo Time: Reckoning Sequence, Duration, History and Biography in a Rural African Society / Michael Dietler and Ingrid Herbich -- Perceptions of Time in the Andaman Islands / Zarine Cooper -- The Narrative and Rhetoric of Material Culture Sequences / Ian Hodder.
Nº 3) Through a Window on the European Iron Age Darkly: Fifty Years of Reading Early Celtic Art / Ruth Megaw and Vincent Megaw -- Relating Visual and Technological Styles in Tibetan Sculpture Analysis / Chandra L. Reedy and Terry J. Reedy -- Reading Prehistoric Figurines as Individuals / Douglass W. Bailey -- Reading Art, Writing History: Rock Art and Social Change in Southern Africa / Thomas A. Dowson -- Archetypes and Attributes: Rock Paintings in Zimbabwe / P.S. Garlake -- By the Hunter, for the Gatherer: Art, Social Relations and Subsistence Change in the Prehistoric Great Basin / David S. Whitley -- Rock Art Research as Landscape Archaeology: A Pilot Study in Galicia, North-West Spain / Richard Bradley, Felipe Criado Boado and Ramon Fabregas Valcarce -- Images out of Water: Interpreting the Karlby Stone / Elizabeth le Bon. v.25, no.1-3 (1993-94) : (encuaderndos juntos) The Archaeological Identification of an Ancient Peruvian Pilgrimage Center / Helaine Silverman -- Pilgrimage's Last Mile: Late Maya Monument Veneration at La Milpa, Belize / Norman Hammond and Matthew R. Bobo -- Kanheri: The Archaeology of an Early Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre in Western India / Himanshu Prabha Ray -- The Archaeology of the Syrian and Iraqi Hajj Routes / Andrew Petersen -- Some Approaches to the Archaeology of Christian Pilgrimage / J. Stopford -- The Pilgrim's Progress: Art, Architecture and Ritual Movement at Sinai / Simon Coleman and John Elsner -- Early Irish Pilgrim Archaeology in the Dingle Peninsula / Peter Harbison -- Predators of Culture: Jaguar Symbolism and Mesoamerican Elites / Nicholas J. Saunders. v.26, no.1 (1994) : Archaeology of Pilgrimage : Introduction: Communication and Language / J.A.J. Gowlett -- Communication Networks and Dispersal Patterns in Human Evolution: A Simple Simulation Model / James Steele -- Cognition and Communication in the Levantine Lower Palaeolithic / Anna Belfer-Cohen and Naama Goren-Inbar -- Flakes and Ladders: What the Archaeological Record Cannot Tell Us about the Origins of Language / Paul Graves -- Speaking through Stones: A Study from Northern Australia / Robert Paton -- Art as Information: Explaining Upper Palaeolithic Art in Western Europe / C. Michael Barton, G. A. Clark and Allison E. Cohen -- Accounting for the Prehistoric Long-Distance Movement of Goods with a Measure of Style / Robert N. Zeitlin -- Titicaca Basin Archaeolinguistics: Uru, Pukina and Aymara AD 750-1450 / David L. Browman -- Language as Symbol in Churchyard Monuments: The Use of Welsh in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Pembrokeshire / Harold Mytum -- A Stochastic Model for the Presence/Absence of Readings in Niorstigningar Saga / Hakon K. Gjessing and Richard H. Pierce. v.26, no.2 (1994) : Communication and Language : Of Nets and Trees: Untangling the Reticulate and Dendritic in Madagascar's Prehistory / Robert E. Dewar -- Landnam: The Settlement of Iceland in Archaeological and Historical Perspective / Kevin P. Smith -- The Colonization of the Hebridean Islands of Western Scotland: Evidence from the Palynological and Archaeological Records / Kevin J. Edwards and Steven Mithen -- The Need for Lapita: Explaining Change in the Late Holocene Pacific Archaeological Record / Anita Smith -- The Polynesian Settlement of the Hawaiian Archipelago: Integrating Models and Methods in Archaeological Interpretation / Michael W. Graves and David J. Addison -- Modeling Dispersal in the Prehistoric West Indies /William F. Keegan -- The Colonization of the Bahama Archipelago: A Reappraisal / Mary Jane Berman and Perry L. Gnivecki -- The First Colonization of Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands, Spain): Some More Islands out of the Stream? / Carlos Gomez Bellard. v.26, no.3 (1995) : Colonization of Islands : The Stone-Tool Technology of Capuchin Monkeys: Possible Implications for the Evolution of Symbolic Communication in Hominids / Gregory Charles Westergaard -- Handaxe Enigmas / Thomas Wynn -- Gender and Prehistoric Technology: On the Social Agency of Technical Strategies / Marcia-Anne Dobres -- The Technique as a Symbol in Late Glacial Europe / Anthony Sinclair -- Skills and Learning Difficulties Involved in Stone Knapping: The Case of Stone-Bead Knapping in Khambhat, India / V. Roux, B. Bril and G. Dietrich -- Fearful Symmetry / P. M. Graves-Brown -- Sound, Color and Meaning in the Metallurgy of Ancient West Mexico / Dorothy Hosler -- Indian Metal and Metal-Related Artefacts as Cultural Signifiers: An Ethnographic Perspective / Nayanjot Lahiri -- The Faerie Smith Meets the Bronze Industry: Magic Versus Science in the Interpretation of Prehistoric Metal-Making / Paul Budd and Timothy Taylor -- Symbolism and the Social Contexts of Iron Production in Karagwe / Andrew Reid and Rachel MacLean. v.27, no.1 (1995) : Symbolic aspects of early technologies : An Introduction to Buddhist Archaeology / Gina L. Barnes -- Glossary of Selected Terms -- Buddhist Sites across South Asia as Influenced by Political and Economic Forces / Dilip K. Chakrabarti -- Trade, Urbanism, and Agricultural Expansion: Buddhist Monastic Institutions and the State in the Early Historic Western Deccan / Kathleen D. Morrison -- Monks, Caves and Kings: A Reassessment of the Nature of Early Buddhism in Sri Lanka / Robin A. E. Coningham -- Beyond the Mandala: Buddhist Landscapes and Upland-Lowland Interaction in North-West Thailand AD 1200-1650 / Peter Grave -- Buddhist Stupa and Thai Social Practice / Denis Byrne -- Bamiyan: Buddhist Cave Temples in Afghanistan / Takayasu Higuchi and Gina Barnes -- Buddhist Cave-Temples and the Cao Family at Mogao Ku, Dunhuang / Ma Shichang -- Sokkuram: Buddhist Monument and Political Statement in Korea / Mark Harrell -- Early Buddhist Temples in Japan: Roof-Tile Manufacture and the Social Basis of Temple Construction / Yamamoto Tadanao and Walter Edwards. v.27, no.2 (1995) : Buddhist archaeology : The Transient Village in Southern New Zealand / Atholl Anderson and Ian Smith -- The Use of Ethnographic Analyses for Researching Late Palaeolithic Settlement Systems, Settlement Patterns and Land Use in the Northwest European Plain / R. R. Newell and T. S. Constandse-Westermann -- Hunter-Gatherer Landscapes and Lowland Trade in the Prehispanic Philippines / Laura Lee Junker -- Regional Patterns of Folsom Mobility and Land Use in the American Southwest / Daniel S. Amick -- Coast/Inland Relations in the Mesolithic of Southern Norway / Sveinung Bang-Andersen -- Archaeological Investigations of Anadromous Salmonid Fishing in Japan / Akira Matsui -- Settlement Pattern and the Spatial Organization of Subsistence and Mortuary Practices in the Mesolithic Ganges Valley, North-Central India / Umesh C. Chattopadhyaya -- From Laugerie Basse to Jolivet: The Organization of Final Magdalenian Settlement in the Vezere Valley / Katie V. Boyle -- Moving to Produce: Nukak Mobility and Settlement Patterns in Amazonia / Gustavo G. Politis -- Testing the Models: Hunter-Gatherer Use of Space in the Gulf of Maine, USA / David Sanger. v.27, no.3 (1996) : Hunter - Gatherer Land Use :