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The Western Canadian Journal of Anthropology / University of Alberta, Anthropology Club, Department of Anthropology. - Alberta, Canada : University of Alberta, 1970-1979. - v. : il. ; 28cm. - 4 nos. por año. - Vol.2, no.1 (1970)-vol.8, no.2-4 (1979).

NORTHERN ATHABASCNAS : The Tanaina of Southwestern Alaska: An Historical Synopsis / Joan B. Townsend -- Community Pattern and Settlement Pattern in the Development of Old Crow Village, Yukon Territory / Ann Welsh -- Kinship and the Expression of Values in an Athabascan Bush Community / Joel Savishinsky -- The Chipewyan Hunting Group in a Village Context / J. G. E. Smith -- Kutchin Concepts of Reincarnation / Richard Slobodin -- Koyukon Athabascan Ceremonialism / Annette M. Clark -- Traditions Regarding Pictograph Site at Towdystan, B. C. / Clark Davis -- Indian Legends of North-Western Canada, by Emile Petitot / Thelma Habgood, Tr. -- The Kaska Aesthetic of Speech Use / Regna Darnell -- Cognitive and Structural Bases for Group Identity: The Case of the Southern Arctic Drainage Dene/ Sara Richmond -- Land Rights of the Slavey Indians at Hay River, N.W.T. / Bruce Cox -- Is Northern Education Meaningful? / Jean Hodgkinson -- Where Will All The Natives Go? / Roger Poppe -- SOUTHERN ATHABASCANS : Navajos, Apaches and Western Canada? An Introduction / C. Roderick Wilson -- Pathology in White Mountain Apache Culture: A Preliminary Analysis / Michael W. Everett -- Navajo Warfare and Economy, 1750-1868 / Meade F. Kemrer & Donald A. Graybill. v.2, no.1 (1970) : Athabascan Studies : The Ecosystem Model, Human Energetics and the Analysis of Environmental Relations / Donald L. Hardesty -- The Hutterite Land Expansion Controversy in Alberta / Howard Palmer -- A Modest Treatise on Treaties / J. Pecover -- Cultural Deprivation or Cultural Inundation? / James P. Spradley -- The Methodological Basis of Archaeological Classification / J. D. Nance -- A Problem in the Description and Prediction David Young & of Interpersonal Behavior / Dennis Bartels -- Markoosie's Harpoon of the Hunter, A Review / Sarah Seeloo --
John Tetso's Trapping Is My Life, A Review / Cecile Lafferty. v.2, no.2 (1971) : The Chief is a Man / Richard Slobodin – Preface / David Young -- The Socio-Scientific Study of Art / David Young -- A Cognitive Approach to the Socio-Scientific Study of Ar / The Seminar -- A Consideration of Art, Information and Archaeology / Nicholas Gessler -- Color Preferences, Self-Concept, and Role Expectations / David Young -- Role Differentiation and Aesthetic Preferences / Sydney Turner -- Towards a Typology of Cultural Attitudes Concerning Creativity/ E. Catriona Sinclair – Social Conditions of Artistic Creativity: An Analytical Scheme / Vytautas Kavolis v.2, no.3 (1971) : Introduction / John S. Nicks and Trudy Nicks -- Trade and Politics: An Institutional Approach / Abraham Rotstein -- Western Plains Trade Ceremonies / Hugh A. Dempsey -- The Economics of the Montreal Triers / R. A. Pendergast -- The Fur Trade and the Chipewyan Indian / James Parker -- Demography, Ecology and Trade Among the Northern Ojibwa and Swampy Cree / Charles A. Bishop -- Fur Traders and Missionaries: Some Reflections on the Attitudes of the Hudson's Bay Company Towards Missionary Work Among the Indians / Frank A. Peake -- Missionaries, Mixed-Bloods and the Fur Trade: Four Letters of the Rev. William Cockran, Red River Settlement, 1830-1833 / John E. Foster -- The Seafort Burial Site (FcPr100), Rocky Mountain House (1835-1861): Life and Death During the Fur Trade / Mark Skinner -- Tobacco Pipes Among the Hivernant Hide Hunters: A.D. 1860-1882 / Jack Elliott -- The Metis Nation: Buffalo Hunting vs. Agriculture in the Red River Settlement (Circa 1810-1870) / G. Herman Sprenger -- New Caledonia and the Fur Trade A Status Report / Donald A. Harris and George C. Ingram -- Drunken Comportment, A Review / Edward W. Van Dyke -- On the Edge of the Shield, Fort and Its Hinterland, A Review / Chipewyan D. R. Richeson. v.3, no.1 (1972) : Introduction / Janet Patterson and C. Roderick Wilson -- Poverty and Urban Analysis / Judith Granich Goode -- Folk and Scientific Models: A Papago Case / C. Roderick Wilson -- Neighborhood Economy and the Urban Housing Problem: Landlords and Tenants in a Working Class Montreal Locality /C. E. Berkeley Fleming and Roger G. Krohn -- The Social Perspectives of an Urban Village in a Malayo-Muslim Community / Judith A. Nagata -- Class, Caste and Network in Suburban Bombay / Karen L. Michaelson -- Social Networks in an Apartment Building in New York City / Anita Schwartz -- Sweet Cream Ladles: An Introduction to Prostitute Taxonomy / Jennifer James -- Rules from the Underground: A Cognitive Ethnography of the New York Subway / Christine Fry -- Video Taping Family Life In New York City: One Solution to the Problem of the Observer Variable / Jagna Wojcicka Sharff --Memoirs of a Shy Ethnographer / L. S. Kemnitzer. v.3, no.2 (1972) : Introduction / Barbara J. Spronk -- The Scientific Importance of Participant- Observation Field Work in Anthropology and Sociology/ Victor Goldkind -- Changing the Requirements in Anthropological Education / .Margaret Mead -- Boas Recycled: Rosman and Rubel's Feasting With Mine Enemy/ Allan Jones. v.3, no.3 (1972) : Introduction / Regna Darnell -- A Proposed Standard Roman Orthography for Cree / C. D. Ellis -- The Current State of Cree Language Studies / H. Christoph Wolfart. v.3, no.4 (1973) : The Feast of the Dead: The Origin of Indian-White Trade Ceremonies in the West / Sandra Nekich -- Introduction to "Our Betrayed Wards" / Anthony Fisher -- Our Betrayed Wards / R.N. Wilson -- The Baltimore Orioles, the Edmonton Eskimos, the Detroit Pistons and the Seattle Totems: Levi-Strauss and the Nature-Culture Dichotomy / Henry T. Lewis -- The Influence of Folk Models upon Historical Analysis: A Case Study from Guyana / Dennis Bartels --Provincial Parks of Alberta: Archaeology / Ross Thomson. v.4, no.1 (1974) : Introduction / Regna Darnell -- The Emerging Confrontation Between Inuit and Kabloona in the Northwest Territories / Ditte Koster -- A Note on Canadian Indian Marriage Law / Samuel W. Corrigan -- The Urban Integration of Canadian Native People / John Price -- Icelandic Canadians In Central Canada; One Experiment in Multiculturalism/ John S. Matthiasson -- Some Thoughts on Ethnic Pluralism in North America / Joel Novek -- Some Notes on Methodology in Language Attitude Research / Regna Darnell and Anthony Vanek -- Some Aspects of Ethnic Identity in an Edmonton Ukrainian Orthodox Parish / L. Emanuel -- Ethnomusicology in a Multicultural Society / Roxane Connick Carlisle. v.4, no.2 (1974) : Introduction / Clifford G. Hickey -- The Dorset Culture: Prehistoric Cultural Change in the Arctic / Sid Kroker -- Epidemology and Acculturation: Ecological and Economic Adjustments to Disease among the Kuskowagamiut Eskimos of Alaska / Lynn D. Mason -- Some Problems in the Understanding of Contemporary Inuit Art / Nelson H. H. Graburn -- Work Adjustment of Inuit Workers to Oil Exploration Employment / Charles W. Hobart and George Kupfer. v.4, no.3 (1975) : Archaeological Reconstruction of Social Structure: A Critical Evaluation of Two Examples from the Southwest / Stuart J. Baldwin -- Nineteenth Century Kootenay Settlement Patterns / .J. C. Yerbury -- Middlemen in Housing Exchanges: The Social Role of the Real Estate Agent / J. D. House -- The Real Estate Agent as Middleman: The Larger Picture / Barbara Spronk. v.4, no.4 (1975) : Introduction / David E. Derry and Douglas R. Hudson -- The Proto-Historic and Historic Athapaskan Occupation of British Columbia: The Archaeological Evidence / Roscoe Wilmeth -- Concerning Athapaskan Prehistory in British Columbia / Paul F. Donahue -- A Prehistoric Athapaskan Campsite in Northwestern Alberta / Alan L. Bryan and Gerald Conaty -- With Appendix: Analysis of a Human Tooth / D. Gentry Steele -- A Northern Athapaskan Environment System in Diachronic Perspective / Charles E. Holmes -- Archaeology of Interior Alaska/ John P. Cook -- Later Athapaskan Prehistory: A Migration Hypothesis / David E. Derry -- The Dixthada Site : Results of 1971 Excavations / Anne D. Shinkwin -- The Athapaskan and fur trade . Observations from Archaeology and Ethnohistory / Robert R. Janes -- A Theoretical Approach to Northeastern Dene Archaeology / Patricia A. McCormack. v.5, no.3-4 (1975) : Introduction / Charles A. Bishop and Arthur J. Ray -- Abenaki Fur Trade in the Sixteenth Century / Dean R. Snow -- Seventeenth Century Maps of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Area as Ethnohistoric Material / Conrad E. Heidenreich -- The Hudson's Bay Company Account Books as Sources for Comparative Economic Analyses of the Fur Trade: An Examination of Exchange Rate Data / Arthur J. Ray -- Ethnicity at a Pedlar's Post In Saskatchewan / Alice B. Kehoe -- A Demographic Transition in the Fur Trade Country: Family Sizes and Fertility of Company Officers and Country Wives, Ca. 1750 - 1850 / Jennifer Brown -- Local Band Organization of the Caribou-Eater Chipewyan in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries / James G. E. Smith -- Russian Sources For the Ethnohistory of the Pacific Coast of North America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries / James R. Gibson -- Ethnohistoric Research in the Central Subarctic: Some Conceptual and Methodological Charles A. Bishop and Problems / Arthur J. Ray. v.6, no.1 (1976) : Introduction / Douglas R. Hudson -- The Basis for Native Claims In Canada / L. I. Barber -- Protect ion, Civilization, Assimilation: An Outline History of Canada's Indian Policy / John L. Tobias -- The Canadian Indian Research and Aid Society: A Victorian Voluntary Association / David A. Nock -- The Future of our Indians / Fair Play -- Andrew Paull (1892 - 1959): Finding a Voice for the "New Indian" / E. Palmer Patterson II -- The Kootenay Plains Land Question and Canadian Indian Policy, 1799 - 1949: A Synopsis / John W. Larner, Jr. -- The Process of Settling Native Land Claims: The View from Grande Cache / Roderick Wilson and R. Bruce Morrison. v.6, no.2 (1976) : Introduction / Patricia A. McCormack -- Violence, Strategic Resources, and the Exploitation of Women / .D. Alan Aycock -- Women in Groups: Women's Ritual Sodalities in Native North America / Ann Thrift Nelson -- Old Woman Had Great Power / Alice B. Kehoe -- Montagnais Marriage and the Jesuits in the Seventeenth Century: Incidents Eleanor Leacock from the Relations or Paul Le Jeune / Eleanor Leacock and Jacqueline Goodman -- Changing Views of Fur Trade Marriage and Domesticity: James Hargrave, his Colleagues, and "the Sex" / Jennifer S. H. Brown -- Erosion of Power - An Economic Basis for the Selective Conservatism of Seneca Women in the Nineteenth Century / Diane Rothenberg -- West African Women and the Colonial Experience / Nancy B. Leis -- Domestic Organization in Eastern Central America: The San Bias Cuna, Miskito, and Black Carib Compared / .Mary W. Helms -- "She's One of Us, You Know" - The Public Life of Tlingit Women: Traditional, Historical, and Contemporary Perspectives / Laura F. Klein -- The Negotiation of Sex-Role Identity in Eastern Arctic Culture Change / Ann P. McElroy -- Northern Baffin Island Women in Three Cultural Periods / John S. Matthiasson -- Sex and Ethnicity in Politics: A Minority Group Model of Political Interaction/ Susan Emley Keefe -- The Role of Women in Indian Activism / Rachel A. Bonney -- Cross-Sex Attitudes of Papago Male Heavy Drinkers / Jack O. Waddell -- Changing Patterns of Role Behavior of Mexican Americans in Midwestern United States / Carolyn J. Matthiasson -- Household Work Patterns in an Urban Shanty town in Guatemala / Laurel Bossen. v.6, no.3 (1976) : David Edward Derry / John W. Brink -- Father Rogier Vandersteene, O.M.I.; The Moccasin priest / Gene Gregoret -- Some Effects of the Late Nineteenth Century Modernization of the Fur Trade on the Economy of the Slavey Indians / Michael I. Asch -- A Study in Economic Change; The Chippewa of Northern Wisconsin: 1854-1900 / Patricia A. Shifferd -- "Archaeology as Anthropology" and its Case: Remarks on Reasoning in Prehistoric Archaeology / Manfred K. H. Eggert -- The Cherry Point Site: A Multl-Component Lake-Prairie Habitation on the North Eastern Plains / Terrance H. Gibson -- "And Sometimes All for Naught," or, Reflections of an Anthropologist upon his Return from the Field / Pierre B. Gravel -- Racism in Canada: Alive and Well / James S. Frideres -- Taxonoraic Controversy: A Discussion of a Selection of the Arguments of the Numerical Taxonomists from an Evolutionary Point of View / James Andrew McDonald -- A Reply to "Comments on 'Sasquatchery / Jon Beckjord -- "Science" versus "Common Sense" / Mary M. Young. v.6, no.4 (1976) : Introduction / Patricia A. McCormack -- Maskuta: The Ecology of Indian Fires In Northern Alberta / Henry T. Lewis -- Perception and Selection of Cape Buffalo by Valley Bisa Hunters in Zambia / Stuart A. Marks -- Prehistoric Chipewyan Harvesting at a Barrenland Caribou Water Crossing / Bryan C. Gordon -- Eskimo Trappers on Ellesmere Island, N.W.T. / Peter Schledermann -- Subsistence Paleoecology at the George C. Davis Site: Strategies and Consequences / John E. Keller -- Irrigation and the Cuicatecs: Environmental Manipulation and Ecosystems / Joseph W. Hopkins III -- Animal Utilization and Urban Adaptations in the City of Teotihucan, Mexico / David R. Starbuck. v.7, no.1 (1977) : The Origins of Religion / Robert W. Brockway -- Resource Diversity and Population Stability Among Hunter-Gatherers / David R. Yesner – Some Notes on Goodenough's Approach to Status and Role / Jerry A. Moles -- The Calumet Ceremony and the Originof Fur Trade Rituals / Donald J. Blakeslee -- Economy and Power: An Analysis of Anthropological Theory/ David M. Lewis -- On the Restudy of Excavated Cliff Dwellings: the Example of Spruce Tree House / Stuart J. Baldwin. v.7, no.2 (1977) : Inuit A Ja Jai Songs: On Music Tradition And Change in Rankin Inlet / Ramon Pelinski -- A Structural Change in Tlingit Potlatching / Kenneth Tollefson -- Archaeology of the Clearwater Area, Northeastern Alberta / John W. Pollock -- Frost-heaving and Archaeological Interpretation / John W. Brink -- The Recovery of Bioarchaeological Materials / Sheryl A. Smith -- Aboriginal People and Staple Production: A Commentary on the Berger Report / Mel Watkins -- A Note on Berdache Among the Hare Indians of Northwestern Canada / Harald B. Broch. v.7, no.3 (1977) : Cross-Tribal, Ecological Categorization of Far Northern Plains Cree and Assiniboine by Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Fur Traders / Susan R. Sharrock -- The Middleman Role in the Fur Trade: Its Influence on Interethnic Relations in the Saskatchewan-Missouri Plains / Susan Giannettino -- An Ethnohistorical Analysis of Crow Political Alliances / Katherine M. Weist -- Sociocultural Effects of Epidemics on the Northern Plains: 1734 – 1850 / John F. Taylor -- Use of Fire in Interethnic and Intraethnic Relations on the Northern Plains / Mavis A. Loscheider. v.7, no.4 (1977) : From Localized Clans to Regional Corporation: The Acculturation of the Tlingit / Kenneth Tollefson -- Imasees and His Band: Canadian Refugees after the North-West Rebellion / Hans J. Peterson -- Advocacy Versus Understanding in the Study of a Contemporary Urban Social Movement / Joan Cassell -- Humor, Drama, and Play in Alaskan Eskimo Mimetic Dance / Thomas F. Johnston. v.8, no.1 (1978) : Introduction to Papers on Symbolic Anthropology / Robin Ridington -- A Cree Example of the Revelational Meanings of Symbols In Myth / Gary Granzberg -- Metaphor and Meaning: Healing In Dunne-Za Music and Dance / Robin Ridington -- Semiotics of Graphoanalysis (Reflections on my gynaecologist's speculations) / Margaret Seguin -- Picasso and the Minotaur: Images of Self and the Process of Symbolic Creativity / Ellen B. Basso -- Symbolic Processes in Contemporary Salish Indian Ceremonials / Wolfgang G. Jilek, Louise Jilek-Aall, N. Todd and B. Galloway – The Use of Archaeological Sampling and Survey Strategies on an Irrigation Community in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico / Michael J. O’Brien, Dennis E. Lewarch and Roger D. Mason -- Locational Models and the Archaeological Study of Complex Societies: A Dilemma in Data Requirements and Research Design / Dennis E. Lewarch -- Regional, Zonal, and Site-Intensive Surveys in Highland Mesoamerica / Roger D. Mason -- The Impact of Contract Archaeology on Analysis of Surface Data: Prospects and Problems / L. Mark Raab -- Controlled Surface Collection in Regional Settlement Pattern Survey Framework / Bruce E. Byland -- Intrasite Variability in a Middle Mississippian Community / Michael J. O'Brien -- Anatomical Knowledge Among the Bella Coola, Part I: A Glossary of Anatomical Terms / Ross Saunders and Philip W. Davis -- Notes on Ethnobotany In Inuktitut / Michael R. Wilson -- Geocoding Language Loss From Census Data / William F. Mackey and Donald G. Cartwright -- A Linguistic Analysis of the Speech of Children Acquiring English as a Second Language / Irene Mazurkewich -- Communication Styles of West Indian Children in York (Toronto) Schools / Suzanne Ziegler and J. R. Rayfield -- The Tale of the Missan Shamaness / David E. Young. v.8, no.2-4 (1979) :

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